Supporting Your Animals in Their Own Home

This is a service designed for the care of any pets that you have at home no matter how small or big they are. It allows your animal to stay in the comfort of their own home with the security of their familiar surroundings, smells and sounds when you are away.

Our Labradoodle has been going for walkies with Angela since she was 5 months old (now 4).  She is a very happy, well socialised dog and is always very excited when the van comes.  Angela is brilliant with dogs and people, we don’t know what we’d do without her!

- Jen, Steve and Esme

We will keep to your pet’s usual feeding and exercising routine, which is especially useful for older animals who prefer their home comforts. We will even water the plants and pull on any curtains/ blinds at your request to make your house look occupied while you are away. This service is especially ideal for the care of cats, who are the most territorial of all domestic pets, and is the perfect alternative to a cattery or to imposing on friends.

The visit will last approximately 20 minutes during this time we will clean litter trays/ cages, dependent on the type of pet involved, and feeding bowls. We will give your pet the love and personal attention just like they get when your at home and will leave fresh food and water according to your instructions. We are happy to administer medication if required. We generally go to your house in the morning and early evening.


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